Hope you enjoyed your visit with uswe welcome your comments. Please email them to me. 





Hi Jayne

Just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with our beautiful boy. His coat is absolutely stunning. Everyone makes comment on his beautiful markings. His personality matches. Such a sweet loving little boy. He's so funny and entertaining too. I love the way he took to little Taya straight away. They adore each  already Would like to say how nice it was to meet you and see all your beautiful cats. Your advice and knowledge has been so helpful and we could clearly see how dedicated you are to all your babies. Thank you so much Jayne, Doz and Mark, Lincoln 30/11/18 Shamir  Tasumi

Hi Jayne Thank you she's ok she's absolutely wonderful she's taken to me and my kids very well and Rebecca she comes to us and everything now and the litter tray job is working perfect we are all amazed with the job you have done with her we are very happy customers What can I say I should have had David Morrison, Barnsley. 21/11/18 Shamir  Tasumi


Hello Jayne,

Here is a little summary of our experience with the purchasing of Freya.

"We live in the North of Scotland and have been searching for a suitable Bengal cat. We spoke with a number of Breeders in Scotland and eventually a retired Bengal breeder recommended Jayne. Although she had no kittens available at the time, we were prepared to wait, as Jayne was extremely helpful and was also willing to help in every aspect of raising and breeding. Eventually a kitten became available and after it was born, Jayne gave us regular updates, sometimes even daily updates on our kitten. She sent many photos and videos which made a big difference, as waiting those 13 weeks was a long time, especially for our 11 year old who could not wait to get her kitten. Freya is now home after a long journey north. We could not be happier with our kitten and with the experience we had with Jayne. I would highly recommend Jayne if you are looking at the Bengal Breed".

Kind regards Stuart, Scotland, 25/05/2018 (Ice x Breeze Litter)

Hi Jayne,

Again, thank you so much for Leo - he’s an absolute gem!! I have written you a review - please let me know if you would like me to add anything in.

'I cannot thank Jayne enough for our beautiful little Leo! I bought him as a present for my Dad after the passing of our three Bengals at the end of 2017. Goldnglitz was recommended by another ex-breeder and so I went down to view a little boy. All her kittens are reared inside her home, and as soon as I stepped in I was covered in kittens and I fell in love with a little boy who we later called Leo. All of them were so confident, calm and excited to meet new people. After waiting for weeks to pick him up, I finally got to bring my baby home and I don’t think he's stopped purring or playing! On the 4 hour journey home, he was good as gold and even went for a little nap. Leo’s loving, mischievous and a part of our family and I’m so pleased that we’ve found him.

Jayne was so helpful and on hand to answer any questions I had and sent plenty of videos before we got to bring him home! I had a 4 hour trip from Portsmouth to Scunthorpe and Jayne even offered me her couch so I wouldn’t have to do an 8 hour trip! I would recommend Goldnglitz to anyone and would happily buy another kitten from her. Thank you so much again, Jayne! Danielle, Family & Leo xx'

Thanks,Danielle xx 21/05/2018 Portsmouth

Hi Jayne

I just want to say a big thank you for our little F2 boy Hugo.

As you know we unexpectedly lost our 11 year old Bengal Neo and we desperately wanted to find another Bengal boy with his own unique character as it was important to us that we shouldn’t replace Neo. Boy does Hugo have character and more! Having bonded equally with both myself and Nigel he is the most loving boy ever. It never ceases to amaze me how he is always very careful to spend equal time with both of us whether it is playing fetch or cuddling ………and he so loves to cuddle and rub noses with us. He purrs so much and so loudly, he is like a little Geiger counter! Hugo does have his little wicked moments, but that’s what makes him our Hugo. Not only does he have this lovely character but he looks gorgeous too – his silky brown fur with gorgeous markings, his white tummy and those oh so gorgeous eyes! We fell in love with him without hesitation. Jayne, you must have spent so much time with him to bring out his personality and having seen your set up I know this to be true. Meeting your other cats, including the Serval, was an experience too – all so friendly and happy and in a lovely set up adjacent to your house. Finally, your after support has been the best, I cannot thank you enough for all the advice you have offered me xx. J Lynne 26/03/2018 London (Azuri x Breeze)

Hi Jayne

She is such  clever cat it's unreal, she is happy and healthy and loves our home. She has he own bedroom to go in, when she has had enough she disappears up the stairs. She's just amazing, still so playful, and has just about scratched everything in the house ha ha. She is perfect and her and Scarlett are inseparable Narla hates it when she screams she goes over and licks her  head!. Narla tries to go to bed with Scarlett, Narla is the boss of the house over my Doberman. I was worried for a while they wouldn't get on but they are so good together. Thank you so much she is just a perfect addition to our family. She is now 1 years old but still acts like a 6 month old lol. Heaven lemons,

Jayne, thank you so much for my adorable kitten, and all the hard work you put into him! He has a beautiful confident and cool character, and has different calls he makes to me depending on his mood. Poppy and Tazumi shine through him like the gold in his pelt! Thank you for all your support and advice as this is my first Bengal cat, including the videos you sent through. Jamie Clark , Leeds.30/12/2018 Poppy x Tsumi

Thank you so much for welcoming me to thee Bengal family it was such a lovely experience seeing all your beautiful cats and getting to play with your cute kittens. Aslan has settled in his new home amazingly and he is so confident and loving. You've done a brilliant job with them all. Thank you again. Jo, Nottingham 16th December 2017. (Zara's litter)

After losing our bengal we looked for a reputable breeder and came across Goldnglitz. When we visited to view a little brown rosette girl, we was first taken to view the whole set up which was overwhelming, totally amazing. Having our little Lola for 8 months we decided to go back as she is perfect, we’ve had our little boy for a week now and they are both so loving and friendly. Can’t fault all the contact we have had with Jayne, they are both absolutely amazing ?? xx Meliisa and James, Broughton, 17th December 2017 (Zara's litter)

Would like to say a massive thank you to Jayne at Goldnglitz, I have had 4 kittens off Jayne last year for my own breeding program, all I can say is fab temperaments brilliant health and a whole load of care and support from Jayne truly lovely lady and would highly recommend there beautiful bengals. Ashley Greenwood,  Orpington, Kent (Daisy and Azra's litter)

We have two beautiful bengals from Jayne and they are proving to be an absolute delight. Neither of us has had cats for many years, but have many dogs, and Jayne has been helpful and informative. Our kittens are immaculately clean and litter tray trained, bold, happy, eat well, play hard and are already part of a large animal family. Carley and Janet, Louth 18/01/20177li (Daisy and kazuki litter)

We have had a few cats now from Jayne. Our first was a lovely clouded girl for our breeding program. We came to meet Jayne and the kitten and we were shown around the cattery, Which may I add is more extensions of the home than a seperate area. All the pregnant queens are given the house to have their kittens and all the babies are raised in the home. It was very lovely to see. The cattery is very clean and ample room for the amount of cats. We then knew we would be back for more cats if/when something caught our eye for our own breeding programs. We then not long after had 3 more cats, 2 brown boys and a silver girl, Jayne once again was lovely and friendly and went above and beyond to advise us. All Jaynes cats have been very healthy and very happy and friendly when ourselves and our Son when we have been to visit. We have since that visit had another cat from Jayne, a stunning apb/apb seal lynx snow. Goldnglitz is a place where you go as a customer and leave as a friend. I would not hesitate to recommend Jayne for her Bengals or Savannahs. Beautiful cats and years of hard work behind her lines. We really are very blessed to have had the oppertunity of Goldnglitz Cats. 

Clare Riley 16/12/2016

Hi Jayne Hope all is well

Collected 3 new babies from Jayne last week to add to Fire who we picked up earlier in the year. Fantastic enclosures for the cats, lots of space and very clean. All cats very friendly and stunning to look at. Could stay there all day and just interact with them. Watched all the litter before we left romp and play about and it was great to watch their vitality. Exceptional quality kittens for our breeding project. We named them Obsidian hunter a little cool brown boy, Mercury Dreams a silver girl and Mr Goldrush a palegoldenbrown boy.  Jayne is a lovely lady and is always there with any questions and advice that is needed after purchase and collection. Would not hesitate to recommend and to have future babies from Jayne @ GoldnGlitz Bengals. xxx

Clare and Tony, Bridlington

Hi Jayne.

Thanks for allowing us to give one of your lovely kittens a forever home. On arrival you were very welcoming, all the kittens were in good condition and very socialised. We were able to see both mum and dad and your many other bengals and savannahs.  Indra was litter trained and we didn't have a problem socialising him with our older Ocicat. They now get along very well and Indra is a lovely and enjoyable new addition. Thanks again.

 Gavin and Michelle , Sowerby Bridge (Azras Litter) 09/06/16 Claire and Jayne

 Claire and Jayne

We had to endure the loss of our oldest Bengal earlier in the year. Pagol (means lunatic in Bengali) was a great friend and was very close to his 16th birthday when he became too ill to carry on. He was such a character; we had a massive whole in the family. So we decided to contact you once again to look at some kittens. It had to be male, with lots of personality.

We decided on a young male who was pure Goldnglitz but bought up by Claire at Bobbydazzler. All I can say is what a choice he has turned out to be. We were more interested in personality than coat, but what a superb little man he has turned into. He is not a replacement for Pagol but the best successor you could imagine.

He is the most handsome little beast out there. I now look at packets of posh cat food sporting pictures of Bengal cats and think my Rafiki is better looking that that! He has bags of personality but is a little cuddle cat, loads of purrs and cuddles in between climbing the curtains. He does everything a good Bengal should, but on top he gives great cuddles. He does not think he is human however he does class us as being fellow cats and approaches us and plays with us as he does his other playmates (1 bengal male, and 2 Tonkinese). He is still yet to make friends with out two other bengal girls, but they are grumpy and take some getting used too.

We are so glad we added him to our family, his name is also perfect for him Rafiki means 'Friend'

Love Viv, Lincoln 06/06/16

Hiya Jane

i'm very happy with my little kitten it was a instant bond between me and my kitten, I was kept updated daily on his progress and when i got to pick him up i was in awe with how many beautiful cats there was and how well they was kept,Felt really welcomed when i arrived and if anyone i know want's a Bengal I will surely be pointing them into your direction, Thank you very much !!

Gaz Hart, Bridlington (Charlies Litter) 03/06/16

We were recommend Jayne for her lovely little clouded girl, we secured her and watched her mature watching updates on facebook and were very excited to pick up in Marchand were very excited to pick up in March, her name is Miss Firespiral and she has the most exquisite clouded coat. What a fantastic place it was to walk into, each cat had brilliant enclosures with lots of room to play. We were able to meet all the cats and what a stunning collection, each of them a well loved part of the family. Advice and guidance was upmost priority when it came to choosing a future queen from Jayne. We are very impressed with the quality and vitality of the cats and the kittens we have seen and will be back for more.

Clare and Tony, Bridlington (Mollies Litter) 03/06/16


I would like to thankyou for letting me have this beautiful little girl she's amazing so loving and settled in so well your cats are awesome.Thankyou

 Rachel Wood, hLeicester(Charlies Litter)x01/06/16xx

Hi Jayne

Its been a couple of weeks since we collected LuLu from you, you made us all welcome and she is a gorgeous cat. She is very energetic and settled in well to our family and the other cats. You are very knowledgeable about bengal's and we all enjoyed seeing your other cats and were very impressed with your breeding cats and there enclosure. you are very helpful in giving me advice and the care you give us and the cats is exceptional. one again thank you for letting us have a wonderful Bengal and we will enjoy many years with her.

Chris Liz and Jorja 08/03/2016 Sheffield

Hi Jayne

My wife and I were very impressed on visiting you and your cats both in the love and care that you give to your animals and the care that you gave to us as your potential customers.You made us very welcome and it was a real pleasure to meet you and your cats.We were impressed by the beautiful cats you care for and were grateful for the opportunity you gave us to properly consider our desire to adopt a kitten. Our decision in the end was not to adopt one but this was entirely based upon us being realistic about our ability to properly look after a kitten, mainly due to our advanced age. It was difficult to see and accept our own limitations and we have to thank you for allowing time for realism to sink in.If you feel these comments, even though we didn't purchase a kitten, are useful in your customer comment section please feel free to use them.

Sincerely Michael and Ruth 21/9/2015

Dear Jayne & Claire

Thank you for allowing us to be caregivers of our two stunning boys Hurricane & Spitfire. They are fantastically well socialised kittens who are into everything just the way they should be. They are extremely clever and often work together to problem solve which is fun to watch and keeps us on our toes. They are a joy to be around and life has never been a dull moment since their arrival. They are healthy and happy little men who adore each other. Thank you for your time in supplying regular updates and photos/videos along the way and for facilitating their pet passports. They have had a wonderful upbringing and I would not hesitate to recommend Goldnglitz as a breeder.

Melanie & David Bradshaw, Cyprus 14/9/15 (Miracle and Teddy)

Hi Jayne, 

Well it has been about 6 weeks now since I picked up my 2 new additions to the family and it has certainly been an experience! They are such playful and loving little beasts that I can't thank you enough for socialising them so well. Crazy would be the first word that I would use to describe them, but that really is half the fun, and I cant imagine life without them now. I am genuinely impressed with how smart and athletic they area already! They are turning into 2 of the most beautiful little cats I have ever known with really distinct personalities and, my favourite of all, they are like best friends. Massive thanks for introducing them before they came to me. It definitely made the transition so much easier for them, and for me, and I know it took extra time out of your day so it is much appreciated. Thanks as well for all the video updates when they were tiny, they really added to the excitement! I called the snow mink boy 'Spider' and the brown rosetted boy 'Maasai' and believe me they have become a constant topic of conversation. I actually think that most of my friends come to see the kittens now and I simply provide refreshments! Several friends and family are now considering becoming bengal owners at some point in the future and I wouldn't consider recommending any other breeder. Thank you so much for all your advice, information and constant reassurance. It is great to know that you are still always at the other side of the phone if anything is concerning me with them. They obviously had a wonderful time while they were with you and I can tell you they have settled into their new home brilliantly. In actual fact they are probably running the show now! I can't wait to see how they continue to grow and I will keep you updated on their progress. 

 Love Zak, Spider and Maasai, Manchester 26/7/2015 (Charlie and Siennas litter)

Hi Jayne,

it's been two full weeks now that I came to your lovely place to pick up Lila, my new and wonderful baby cat. She is so gentle and playful, and soooo lovely. I can't believe you let her go :).... it has been a real pleasure to meet you, I am proud to be the first french man to cross the channel and discover your cat paradise. I am certain we will meet again. thank you. A lot.

Love eric France, (Azra Litter)

Hi Jayne, (Goldnglitz)

I can't thank you enough for the gorgeous additions to my family, 2 female Bengals (Coco and Chanel) collected 10th April from your most wonderful home with incredible facilities, I was impressed by everything, but what stood out the most was your scant regard for the money and more for the kittens, very impressed as it really is about the cats/kittens with you and they certainly couldn't wish for a better start to their little life's. Thanks again Jayne. I will recommend you to ANYONE that ever wants to join the Bengal owners club 🙂

Kindest Regards Tony & Carolina Shefiel,(Charlies litter)

Hi Jayne We just wanted to let you know how wonderful our pair are. They run around the house like crazy and then crash out for a snooze. They have settled in well and have discovered every corner of our place, which now really feels like home with the two new little additions. All the visits we made to you were really helpful in getting to know them before they came home, including meeting the 'bump' before they were born. Thank you for opening your home to us for the visits and all your care and attention to us and them. We have looked back on the video's you sent the day they were born and the pictures and video you sent as they grew, it is wonderful to be able to look back and see all the changes. Thank you for being so friendly and reliable and for your professional knowledge. We feel very confident about our kittens and know we can ask for advice any time. We will keep you updated with pictures as they grow. Lots of love from Massimo & Keemar. (charlies litter)

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for my two beautiful little girls! Elsa and Bella.  Elsa is the most loving and cuddly girl and Bella..... Well what can I say, perfect in every way, both of them are!  I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting a Bengal!  Your such a lovely person and take great pride in what you do and undoubtly love each and every one of your Bengals unconditionally.  Elsa and Bella have settled into our family with no problems and love our other two Bengals Charlie and Ruby to bits.  I am very much looking forward to them both becoming mummies in the near future. Bella is pictured in the middle - dark rosette, and Elsa pictured at the front - rosetted mink.  My original boy Charlie wide awake at the back 🙂

Thanks again, Jennie,  Liverpool 9/04/2015xx (Snowflake and Charlies litter)


What can I say? We are really pleased. We call our beautiful boy - Kirian. He settled in very well, without any problems. He's full of energy and very smart kitty. We are doing everything together and talk a lot. 🙂 He sleeps with us under duvet. Our lovely prince plays with us every morning and evening filling our live with joy! He is curious and lovely cat.  Thank You for being so good in what you are doing! Your kittens are not only beautiful, but smart, nice, and they behave good. You have really good hand to cats, and I can recommend Yours kitten to everybody who think about Bengals.You care about them, not only when they are in your home, but when they going to new houses too! It's wonderful and priceless. Thank You Jayne!

Best regards, Monika & Rafal, 8/03/15 Gilbedyke (Mollies Litter)

Hi Jayne,

From never having a kitten just dogs and going head first for a Bengal….wouldn’t change a thing J He is our little man, markings are amazing he is beautiful with big green eyes awwww xx Our little Milo is fantastic he settled in within an hour of being with us, met our Cockpoo who is 18 months old 24 hours later, within 20 minutes they became best buddies and now inseparable.Couldn’t be happier.  He is very vocal but so am I so I feel I have something to talk to when my hubby shuts off ha ! He sleeps in bed with us under the duvet,  plays fetch and I am just learning him to sit when requesting a treat, may a lot easier because I think he is coping the dog ! He is very alert, very intelligent takes him about a day to learn something new.  Milo truly is amazing and a credit to your hard work and understanding of the breed.I found you to be patience with all our questions, interested in us and what we had to offer Milo and the contact you gave when we first had him home, well we couldn’t have asked for anything more from you.We have now started to leave Milo in the day due to work, he has his own bedroom which is kitted out and I don’t think he could be happier, when we get in he follows us around chirping away for his dinner.He is a joy.  Thank you so much Jayne, hope to stay in touch in the future.

Love Emma & Dan Xx oh and his big brother Rocco xx Doncaster. 23.02.2015 (Mollies Litter)

Hi Jayne

Just to let you know how pleased we are with the 2 male kittens we had from you.It is 2 weeks today since we picked them up and they have settled in at their new home very well, in fact they think they own it.We have called them Benjo and Charlie. Blue collar is Benjo and he is still a handful and we are glad we had 2 as they are great pals and keep each other occupied.We have found you lovely to deal with and your genuine care and concern for the kittens is very reassuring.We will keep you posted on their progress.

Kind Regard

Dave & Lyn, SToke on Trent, 22.02.2015 (Mollies litter)

Hi Jayne,

We were very impressed with Jayne and her set up at Goldnglitz Bengals. As first time pet owners we were quite apprehensive but Jayne put us at ease when we visited to meet the litter. Django has settled really well. He is handsome, full of character and extremely affectionate and we all love him to bits!

Thank you so much!

Tom, Manchester, 22.02.2015 (Mollies Litter)

Hey jayne,

I have named him Baloo 😉 and he is doing great. I have been keeping him in my bedroom and he sleps under the blanket with me purring away! I bring him out when i come home and he ha met everyone else and he is fine settled in brilliantly, he hasn't met the dogs as the are very hyper so just waiting for him to become more at home and will introduce them slowly. I love him so much he is just the sweetest boy.

Kindest regards, Tom Cheeky Monkey Bengals, Wales, 12.02.2015 (Teddy's babies)

Hi Jayne

She is fine, eating Sleeping, She is  fast asleep on the chair with me. Sleeps right through. I love her Jayne, she is a beauty, a little treasure. Loves her post climbs up top and sits looking down to us. We laugh at her. She follows me about .Really settled in. Thank you for her. Oh and your concern. Bless.

Love Jan. X Hull 15.02.2015 (Teddy's Litter)

Hello Jayne,

I just thought I would let you know how delightful the kittens are. They have very much made themselves at home and, as I am writing this, they are both curled up on my lap. They have lots of energy and are into everything. We love them, they are everything we could have wished for. Thank you so much and particularly for being so kind and letting us visit them as much as we wanted at your home and for your follow up telephone calls after we had taken them home.

All the best

Emma Saunders, Leeds 14.02.2015 (Charlies litter)

Hi Jayne

,She has settled like she has never not been here, a real delightful lovinging girl, Pebbles and her are like sisters.

Lynne, Bournemouth 12.02.2015 (Mollies Litter)


"I found Jayne Goldnglitz to be a friendly, professional person to deal with and I am overjoyed with my little chap - friendly, great around people and full of energy. He even came with a nice kitten pack full of useful items. Goldnglitz have made my experience of buying my first pedigree kitten a pleasure."

Gary, Liverpool 11/02/2015 (Teddy's Litter)

Dear Jayne,

Thank you for the latest addition to our feline crew. After our first bengal befriended a stray kitten it became apparent that his low mood was due to needing a friend. An innocent trip to play with kittens proved once more that your bengals are irresistible. Two days in and they are curled up together washing each other. A couple of weeks and both Orion and baby Apollo are so happy ? they play together, sleep together, wash each other - best of friends! Thank you for your support while Apollo settled. Another well adjusted kitten, you can tell they are all raised with lots of love! See you soon! I'm definitely not allowed any more for a good few years now, but you'll be the first to know if I'm looking for another!

Thank you love Helen, Lincoln 22.01.2015 (snowflakes litter) Xxx

Hi Jane

We would just like to say thank you so much for making us feel so welcome in your home when we came to look at your cats and kittens. 

Cleo and Gatsby have settled well into their new home.  They are loving,  friendly, affectionate and confident as well as being into everything that they come across.  Thank you for bringing the kittens up in such a loving caring and well socialised environment. 

Ian Lucy &Georgia Seymour, Norfolk, 22.02.2015 (charlies Litter)

Hi Jayne

i Jayne He's a baby who got prefect character  ,a little shy but really sweet when he gets to know you. I used to have two cats ,he's nothing deferent between them as they all been so adorable . Also ,you can find everything positive as a Bengal on him, vivacious,inquisitive,the stunning appearance as well. I'm glad to have him as a family member foreverr

Xiao, London 11/01/15   Hi Jayne   "Thank you so very much for our new Bengal kitten who we've christened Pixel.  You've been great from start to end, especially with making sure Pixel settled in ok over the first week.  She's amazing - so confident, friendly, loving and bomb proof!  She's already part of the family and everyone adores her.  She's absolutely stunning and I can't wait to start taking her to shows etc.  You've been so helpful so far and it's so reassuring to know that you are willing to offer continued advice and support with my showing & breeding journey - Jenny". She's still doing great and I'm doing lots of handling with her.  Hoping to organise some short car journeys this week to get her used to travelling more.    Jenny Trigg, Suffolk, 3/1/15 (Snowflakes Litter)

Hi Jayne

Me and my husband are thrilled to bits with our new snow lynx kitten, to whom we have named Link. He is a gorgeous little boy with a great temperament - you can see he has been brought up in a very loving and caring environment! Our older female Bengal cat Luna is still getting used to him at the moment, but I'm sure with baby steps they will become the best of friends. Thank you so much for all your help and advice, all the best for the future. Kind regards

Rachel and Pete. Nottingham 28/12/14 (Snowflake's litter)

Hi Jayne

Bet you thought I'd forgotten to e-mail. Been quite busy, Simba is gorgeous very lively, Honey is coping, doesn't growl as much now. They aren't really together yet. He loves helping me with the washing up, always got his front or back paws in the water. Loves it. They both are lovely cats. We were so pleased with Honey whom we had 4 years ago, when we decided on another Bengal, I wanted to see what lovely kittens you had. We are delighted with Simba, he's quite a character & very loveable. Hard to photograph because he's always on the move. Thank you so much for such lovely cats, all the very best for the future ( you deserve it)

Best wishes mike & Margaret Preston. Nottingham 14/10/2014 (Charlies Litter)thank you so much for all your help and advice, right from our very first chat through to having had Lola for over a m

Hi Jayne,

Just wanted to say how happy we are with "Charlie" our beautiful new Bengal stud boy. Having now had the pleasure of his company for three weeks now, we're glad to say he's happily settled in. He is a confident, inquisitive & very loving boy who has the perfect temperament. A real credit to you Jayne, thank you so so much.

Kindest regards, Sarah & Garry in Halifax. 25/09/2014 (Asia's Litter

>Hi Jayne

> Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and advice, right from our very first chat through to having had Lola for over a month now. We knew we had found someone who took great care and pride in raising their kittens, and we have really hit the jackpot with a beautiful, very well tempered kitten, who is now fully integrated in our busy household.

Lola is full of life and is a real "lap cat" softie too.... The perfect pet ! Thank you so much for all you have done for us.... We couldn't be happier !

Adam, Borough bridge25/09/2014 (Charlies Litter)

Hi Jayne

Love my new fury friend. He is brilliant, cuddly and playful. Can tell a lot of time and love has been spent with the kittens. I would highly recommend anyone seeking a bengal kitten to use Goldnglitz.

Stacey, Scunthorpe, 10th April 2014 (Evies litter)

Dear Jayne,

Thank you so much for our lovely Orion. He is a pure bundle of joy. He has such a lovely temperament and came so well socialised and there have been no accidents at all! He is a confident and happy kitten, very playful and very affectionate. You made us feel so welcome coming to your home to see the kittens and it is easy to see how much you love your cats. All your cats are so well looked after and clearly very affectionate towards you. I don't think we saw a dirty litter tray once!! We have appreciated all the support you have offered and it's been great to know you are only a phone call away if we need you. We would definitely love to keep in touch with you and if I ever persuade my husband to let me have another bengal I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you. Xxxxxxx

Helen and Drew, Lincoln. 07/03/2014 (Teddies Litter)


One evening we were surfing the internet looking at Bengal kittens to have a playmate for our young Bengal female. We had looked at many breeders sites and we discovered your site. You had such lovely photographs on there that showed you socialised your kittens in your home and with their mum's until they were ready for their new homes, this was very appealing to us.   We saw that you had 3 kittens that were almost ready to go and we were smitten by the young male that we later christened Valentino. We placed a deposit subject to a visit and we travelled up at the earliest opportunity. It was evident very quickly that your cats and kittens were not just breeding machines but were all loved as cherished pets and this is reflected in the temperaments of your cats.   We got young Vale' home 2 weeks ago on Saturday and he took all of 2 days to settle straight in. He is a confident young male with vivid markings. He has been adopted by our young female Bengal as if he were one of her own kittens. It is lovely to watch them at play and then grooming. He is becoming a nice lap cat who purrs and is very affectionate.   Anyone considering a kitten will not go wrong at Goldnglitz.

Alan and Chrissie, Milton Keynes. 28.02.2014 (Teddies Litter)
Hi jayne

Heni is settling in really well,  she really is a credit to you and your cats.  She is enjoying playing fetch every day and playing on her scratch post/den, she has such a cheeky character and makes us smile constantly. I would like to thank you for your continued support, advice and guidance and I think though getting a beautiful bengal I have also found a friend.

Take care and speak to you soon

Love from jo and family, Bedford, 20.02.2014 (Snowflakes)

Hi Jayne,

As I write this email to you i have Branson laid fast asleep on my lap, whilst Patty is asleep in there little house. We cant thank you enough for two such delightful little kitties. They have been with us a week now and had settled in within a few hours, which is a credit to you.... your love and affection that you have for all your cats and kittens is so so apparent from the moment we visited you, and your aftercare and continued interest for them after they have left your care is second to none. Branson and Patty never shyed away from us or hid under the sofa , and were fully toilet trained right from the start. Its been such a fun week finding out and discovering there individual personalities! Patty loves feet, feathers, and lots of attention and jumping to the highest point in any room, Branson is a little more laid back, loves the running tap, and is so into anything that we maybe doing, including eating. They get on so well together, constantly washing each other and playing. If any friends of ours were looking for a kitten or older cat, we would not hesitate in giving them your number as i honestly believe  you would not find a better pet owner/breeder than yourself! We know your there on the end of the phone for any advice or questions we may have and will be keeping in touch for sure.Thanks again, Chris and Robert, Bingley, west yorkshire 13/10/2013. (Autumns litter

Hi Jayne,

Life has not been the same since we brought Dixie & Ducat home. They are so adorable, sociable and extremely entertaining! They love exploring and have wonderful personalities. We are delighted with them and can't thank you enough for your help and support through the first few weeks. You clearly have a love for all your cats and are a very caring breeder. I would highly recommend you as a breeder to anyone looking to get a Bengal kitten. We are so glad we took the 2 of them as they keep each other company and they love to play hide and seek. I have attached a photo of them sparked out on Friday night cuddled up on the sofa. All the best Claire & Peter North Humbria 09/10/13

Hi Jayne,

Just a wee message to let you know that Rosie is settling in really well! She is exploring every bit of the house and finding her own little hide-outs, especially inside the washing basket!!! She loves socialising with all the family and loves nothing more than burning her energy on her little squeaky mouse! We absolutely adore her and her markings and temperament were exactly what we were looking for! She is definately a mummys girl though.. I barely get 10mins to myself for a shower, but i wouldnt have it any other way!! I cannot thank you enough for providing us with the perfect little girl, the drive from Glasgow to Scunthorpe was worth it!!! I have attached a picture below of my little cutie pie curled up on my knee! If i sit down .. This is what happens lolThanks again and i will keep in touch. Sarah-Jane and Mark 🙂 Glasgow 29/09/2013


Io is great thanks and continuing to amaze us. She is isn't afraid to explore anything, i'm sure she has springs in her legs! Last night she walked up to Cosmo, who was eating his tea, barged past him wand started to help herself! Cosmo just stopped and let her! They are fast becoming pals, he is quite careful with her and I can see that she is already wearing the trousers in the relationship! It's cute to watch as Cosmo is like a big cream teddy bear! Hope Autumns operation went well. Speak soon, Liz, Hull 8th September 2013

Hi Jayne,

We vowed that we would stop at four Bengal cats.  Five would make us "The Mad Cat People".  Jayne has managed to tempt us to the dark side with Boris.  He is the second kitten that we have bought from her and he is just wonderful.  A beautiful snow Bengal.  He is big, robust and a wonderful, affectionate purr box.  We love Bengal No 5 very much.  Thank you Jayne for breeding such fabulous cats.  Mark and Kemi, SouthSea 7th September 2013

Hi Jayne

Stella has settled in well and her personality has really started coming out! She's clever, affectionate and playful and loves to get in the shower/bath/paddling pool! She's a real stunner and her coat is silky smooth. We were unsure about getting an adult cat but it was a good decision and she has been a great addition to our family.Rachel, Michael and Joel, Scunthorpe, 28th August 2013

Hi Jayne,

just to let you know Ollie has settled in very quickly he,s full of fun and mischief our much loved forever pet..he came to us very well socialised and took to his litter tray straight away. I can not recommend you highly enough to anyone wishing to have a beautiful Bengal baby.  You are such a warm, friendly genuine person who truly loves the cats and not in it to make quick cash.  The set up you have is amazing you can see just by walking around your lovely cats that they all love you to pieces, the level of care and love you show these cats and kittens is outstanding, also the amount of support and advice you give is fantastic.We will keep you updated with Ollie,s progress, once again Jayne thank you for the opportunity to have this beautiful little fur baby...Nicola and John,xxx Newcastle 22.8.2013  

Hi Jayne,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for our gorgeous Lily! She is doing so well and although she used to be an indoors cat, she is loving the garden so much that she would stay out all day if she could! We were a little worried for her to start with as being she almost 3 years old we thought she would be very weary, however it took her only a couple of days to adjust and set on to investigate every tiny corner of the house to follow by every corner of the garden the following week. After only  4 weeks she is now confident around the house even when friends come along and we will soon let her use the cat flap (which she insist on using every day but it is US who are not ready yet…) She even knows she has got to wear her collar to go out! Lily is the most inquisitive and intelligent of girls plus a real beauty – my “Leopardita” (little leopard) as I also like to call her. From the moment I met you I was reassured by your love, care and attention towards your cats and what you do and I truly believe a little piece of you leaves with every Bengal that goes to a new home; this is probably why we are still in touch talking about Lily and I am sure we will always be from time to time. You have been of great help with every little query we had and I know we can count on you and  your advise at any time. Thank you ever so much for our Lily, Maura and Jorge from London 22.07.2013

Hi Jayne,

Max has settled in really well. He is very inquisitive and loves exploring the house. He likes climbing up anything he can get his paws on and enjoys a good 'mad dash' up and down the stairs. Once he has tired himself out he wants a tummy rub and will crawl under a blanket for a nap. It's great waking up in a morning to find him rolling about on the bed, chattering away until he gets a cuddle too.  Thank you for all the advice and letting us visit max while you were raising him. During the first visit we could really see how much you loved all your beautiful bengals and how friendly and well socialised they all were. You have done a great job with Max and I highly recommend you to anyone interested in acquiring a stunning and sweet natured feline friend. Sam & Trev Hull 19.07.2013

Hi Jayne

I would love to thank you for everything you have done for me my little girl India is doing great settled in very well, and thank you for helping when we needed it and checking up making sure she was ok.  she is just perfect you have done a fantastic job with them and all the rest, shes definitely one of a kind! loves to talk and chatter hide and seek chasing me so much energy she wears me out and am the one needing a 5 min rest, can't wait for another!

Ash and Karla, 10th July 2013. Scunthorpe

Hi Jayne.

Thank you very much for letting me re-home Poppy. She is beautiful. She loves to play and talk. She is very affectionate and loves to come and lay on her back cuddled into you arms for a tummy rub! She has settled in perfectly and is part of the family. We would be lost without her. Many thanks to you for all your help and advice. It was nice to meet someone who was very friendly and keen to assist where needed. Matt, Mechelle and Poppy 16.06.2013 cambridge

Hi Jayne,

See attached 'Tallulah' who is now getting on really well with 'Vincent' our Savannah. It took a few days but she is now settled in and very active. Visitors have left with 'kitten envy' and we must say she really does have lovely markings and a happy, playful characterWe were impressed with your set up and could see that all your cats and kittens were really well looked after and happy. think we are sticking on 2  - but we would certainly recommend anyone looking for a bengal to consider what you can offer.We'll send a you some more pics as she gets olderThanks againJim & Jenny (Bawtry) 19.3.2013

Hi Jayne,

Just dropping you a line to let you know how well Bella has settled in, within 24 hrs she was playing and sleeping with our yorkies. She is beautiful and has a lovely temperament, thank you for all your help. Kind regards Robert & Mandy Peterborough 15.03.2013

Hi Jane,

Just wanted to let you know how well Loki has settled in. He is fantastic in every way! As you can see from the pic we have our other kitten too now - Mylo. After a couple of days of growling etc, they are now inseparable! Loki is bags of fun and so loving. Can't imagine being without them now! I will email you a comment for your website as soon as I've got a pic of Loki with the kids. Will send more pics soon, Liz, 14.02.2013 Hull x (Autumns)

Hi Jayne

thank you so much for letting us welcome magnolia into our home. she is the sweetest little thing, so bouncy, confident bold and affectionate too !. She has such a loud per for such a little girl. As always she is a credit to your breeding and the personal care these babies get from you in your own home. This is our 5th Bengal from you now Jayne and every single one has a different personality, they are o much fun ! Thanks again Jayne we will be keeping in touch look forward to sending you photos of her growing up. Love and hugs Sue and Maggie10.02.2013 Cambridge (Poppy)

Hi Jayne

Id just like to thank you much for my two beautiful little girls Azra and Eva. They're amazing and settling in well. Azra loves feet and Eva loves water ! They're loveable and friendly and beautiful examples of the bengal breed, i can't wait to have my own babies in the future ! They are definitely making a mark on their new home and i am smitten. Thanks also for all your help and support, the fact that you have called to see how they are doing really demonstrates how much you care about your babies. Your help has been valuable and will no doubt continue to be so. Love from Sarah and Trev. 10.02.2013 Sheffield. (Autumn & Poppy)

Hi Jayne

I am so glad we made the decision to come back to you for our new Bengals. The last 2 we had from you were fabulous from the beginning. Arlo and Taryn made themselves right at home with us, even though they only left their beautiful mum on Saturday. They are a lovely temperament, very talkative, playful and also like a good snuggle in the evening. They are very used to being in a household environment and nothing much seems to phase them Thank youBecky and Stewart, Penistone 11/02/2013 (Autumns)

Hi Jayne,

Thank you so much for letting me have this beautiful little boy. Ice is very mischievous and gets up to all sorts. He is also a loving little man and loves his cuddles. Keep in touch Sam x 06.10.2012 Scotland. (Vanillas)

Hi Jayne

we bought a 15 wk old bengal kitten this summer (2012) and he is gorgeous. Not oly is he beautiful to look at but he is intelligent, clean and affectionate. A fantastic edition to our familyVictoria Harburn, Scotland 10.09.2012

Hi Jayne,

Just a quick message to say that we are delighted with the new addition to the family! Tilly is a confident,proud and people orientated kitten. And not to forget, stunning! You should be proud of yourself for bringing these kittens up with such love. You can clearly see how well they are raised in their behaviour. We are extremely happy with Tilly and are very grateful to you for letting us have such a beauty. P.s we want to also give extra thanks for the support you give in the first few days, making sure Tilly was ok and doing well. X Thank you Jayne,much love Emma, Shaun, Caitlin ,louie and Bella the Siamese. X Hull 6.09.2012

Hi Jayne,

Thank you so much for our little Dexter, he is just so gorgeous and we love him to bits, and he is really settling in with all my other kitties. I have had some fantastic comments from family and friends about his beautiful markings. Also thank you for all your support those first few days when he had a little upset tummy, it was nice to know you were on hand with advice. Dexter is my 5th bengal  from Jayne and I would thoroughly recommend her has she raises stunning good natured lovable kittens in a very professional set up, whilst providing good support and follow up. Jayne genuinely cares for all her babies and I wouldn't get one from anywhere else. Dexter is quirky with an unusual personality, yet very loving and loves his cuddles. He also has the loudest purrs !! Thank you again for our little snow baby.Andy, Angie and Tom Brigg, North Lincolnshire 13.08.2012

Hi Jayne,

I just want to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to acquire a new feline friend, Vanilla: my beautiful snow Bengal. She has obviously been well taken care of and enjoyed cuddle times with you, and surprisingly for an older cat has settle in really quickly, sleeping in our bed every night and such a very playful and loving girl who has really stolen our hearts. It was also reassuring to know that I could call you anytime for advice after the sale, and that you were happy to be kept updated.Many Thanks Marla and Mike, Derbyshire 17.07.2012

Hi Jayne

A short email to say wow, thought i lived in a crazy house before, but now these 2 kittens have arrived they never stop tearing around uuntil they come for cuddles which is coming more and more. They are such a joy to watch them, they are perfect. Thanks Gail and Family, Ashby by Partney, 12/6/12H Jane,

Hi Jayne,

He is doing great, abit shy in the beginning but now he is everywhere and we are very happy with him. Thanks again warm regards Alex and Lilia, Nottingham, 13/6/12

Hi Jayne,

Hope you are well.  Here are some pics of Louie and Jules.  They are the best of friends, they play well together and have the odd snuggle when they think we are not watching!  Louie has settled in really well and I love him to bits.  He's really cuddly, very playful and just a little(ish) naughty.  Thanks for keeping in touch and I appreciate being able to call you for advice.  I will send you more pics as Louie grows.   I have had Louie castrated and will pop the invoice in the post.  Best wishes Emma 🙂 Harrogate 28.02.2012

Hi Jayne,

Just a quick update with some photo's.Alaska & Dakota got a little stressed for a short while in the car, buteventually settled down to their 2hour journey.    Just occasional cries for their mummy!We brought them into the house at let them out of their transporter.  We gave them access to just our living room and hallway until they get used to their surroundings (and cat litter tray!).  I have to say, they settled in VERY quickly and spent a very excited hour exploring and playing!  They both spent 5 minutes purring on the sofa with us, and they are now fast asleep sharing the "spoon" on the Cat Tree. Thank you VERY much for giving the opportunity to adopt two lovely kittens. As I'm off work for a couple of weeks, I may get around to creating awebsite for Alaska and Dakota.  If I do, I will give you the link.We will give you a call later.Best wishes,  Colin & Jan, Market Harbrough 4.02.2012

Hi Jayne,

Just wanted to let you know that your little girl is doing fine and settling really well. She is very well adjusted girl, beautifully socialised and a real credit to you.I am so impressed by her, what a superb kitten, good boning, strong head, deep chin, nice coat and pattern developing. She is going to be a strong healthy girl and a real asset to my program. I am so disappointed by the weedy kittens that some breeders are producing these days. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a kitten. Mark and Kemi were delighted with their kitten and loved Flame too. I could not be more delighted with her and Leo, both stunning, strong, chunky cats in the making with the sweetest of temperaments.Look forward to my girl from Maizie later in the year.Chat soon Caroline Hampshire 4.02.2012

Hi Jayne,

We're really enjoying our little boy. He's called Colonel Custard. Very playful and loves getting into bed. You were absolutely right about his personality and he suits us down to the ground. Thank you. We appreciated your advice and support in choosing him and enjoyed following him on the Internet pages before we brought him home. Will keep in touch. Best wishes Karen. 02.02.2012 Pontefract

Hi Jayne

we have had our baby Smudge for 6 months now, she settled into our home with no problems at all, sheis a total pleasure to have, so full of character and funShe was well socialised and litter trained when she came to usand we couldnt be happier with her. We wouldnt even think of going to another breeder for a Bengaland we are hoping to get our second Bengal baby soon. Jaynes service, and after care is second to none, and we highly recommend Goldnglitz Bengals. Michaela 7.11.2011 Liverpool

Hi Jayne

Otis is 6 months old and full of mischief, he is getting a big lad, he now likes to play in the bath with the water above his knees and his wind up froggy. He is very loveable specially when he is tired. Best wishes Wendy. 29.08.2011 Nottingham

Hi Jayne,

All well here. Apologies for the delay.Lily has been such a joy. She travels really well and has settled in so perfectly.She is curious and inquisitive but very intelligent. She has made great friends with all my friends and loves to be the centre of attention.oday is a great day because she cuddled with me for the first time last night.Thank you so much for a beautiful companion. You have been a great acquaintance.Regards, Karn 4/10 London

Hi Jayne,

Thank you for Honey and Flame ! We have had Honey for a year now and she is the most intelligent, individual,quirky cat i have ever known.Honey came to us as a 4 year old,and although nervous, she has settled in and made her home with us ! i urge people to consider taking on older cats and not just kittens !We would not be without Honey and decided to take on another adult bengal and again went to Jayne to get Flame who was originally friends with Honey while she lived with Jayne.Flame had a few medical issues early on and Jayne was very supportive and helpful and we spoke everyday, she even made a large unexpected contribution towards the vet fees to help get Flame well ! So a huge thank you for all your help and care Jayne !We have had Flame several weeks now and she is settling in really well with Honey ! Flame is a lovely sweet gentle soul !I cannot recommend Jayne highly enough ! if you are looking for a bengal, and want to deal with a responsible breeder that really cares about her cats and doesn't see them as just profit then go to Jayne ! all her animals are loved and extremely well cared for ! Kim 14.11.2011 London

 Hi Jayne

just wanted to say I would not buy a Bengal from anywhere else. But be warned they are so delightful you may find you end up with more than one. I have gained 8 Bengal's over the last 14 or so years, they range from 14 years old down to just over two. Five of them have come from Jayne. The kittens are well socialise and handled which is one of the most important things for a hybrid kitten. She is always there for advice and help when needed too. Viv x 30.08.2011 Lincoln

Hi Jayne here is some pics of Tai Shan, he is doing really well, we all love him to bits. He has such a wonderful nature and loves to have plenty of hugs and cuddles. Josie, 25.08.2011 Wales


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