We have been breeding Bengals for quite a few years now and I felt the need to venture a little further. So I decided to add a pair of Asian Leopard Cats to our breeding programme.

Asian Leopard Cats are wild animals and you need a DWA licence to keep them. They eat only raw food and are very nocturnal, like to be out  at night. In the day time they like to snuggle up together in their den and clean each other.

Asian Leopard Cats are quite hard to breed and usually you only get one litter of cubs a year and in some cases non at all so are very rare. We are looking forward to next year when we hope to get some cubs.

So below please meet Tiwa and Czar

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Tiwa of Tariko ALC

Tiwa above is our ALC girl she is the bravest of the two as she will come and take food out of my hand.




    Anya of Gazette

 Anya is our little ALC girl that came to us as a gift from Frank and Pauline. She is a sweet little girl and quite tame for an ALC



Czar of Tariko ALC

Czar is our male ALC and he is very shy but loves to come out and climb the branches at night and hunt for his food




We are still learning about the fascinating ALC's everyday but we are thoroughly enjoying the experience


Any cubs from our ALC breeding pair will be registered under our TICA Registration which is Tariko.

Gayzette Lady Zula of Tariko

D.O.B 27.10.2014

This is our latest F1 baby


Zula above at 14 weeks


Zula above at 1 year old

Gayzette Azuri Wild One of Tariko

Azuri is our new addition and is an F1




Azuri is a little darling, she loves company and is soooooo fussy, and she likes walks on her lead.

She has an amazing temperament for an F1

Thanks to Pauline and Frank





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