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  Available brown rosetted girls and boys  

  Also we have 2 F2 little girls available 



Welcome to our beautiful Bengal cats, Savannah cats and Servals

We are small experienced breeders in North Lincolnshire, who fell in love with the adorable Bengal breed in 2001.
Although, I have been breeding cats since the early 1980s' when I worked as a veterinary nurse

We have at the moment 3 brown  rosetted girls (all very different). 1 stunning snow lynx, And a beautiful Charcoal carrying snow Lynx and a snow mink girl . 


After 17 years of breeding Bengals  we ventured into buying an F1 Savannah who gave us a beautiful litter of F2 Savannahs.


We have also now introduced Servals into our breeding program

Our aim is to breed lovable temperaments in Bengals, Savannahs and Servals,

All our cats are treasured pets and live out in their housing which is insulated and heated, with large runs and toys for them to play with. Each having their own turn to come in and live with us.

All our kittens are bred in the home and reared with lots of  love




About our Bengals


Bengal's have many features of the Asian Leopard cat They are lively, entertaining and very intelligent, but with a lovable personality. They love to play in water Bengal's are inquisitive, mischievous but also bring hours of pleasure into the home.

They are the Purr-fect pet

We are also members of the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain, Bengal Cat Club, Lincolnshire Cat Club and Heart of England

Goldnglitz is our registered prefix with GCCF
Silverglitz and Goldnglitz, along with Sunrise Savannahs is our registered prefix with TICA






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