Since we have been breeding Bengals for the last 15 years we have now decided to go in to early generation Savannah's and Serval's.

                                                                                          We aim to produce superb quality Savannah's focusing on their temperaments' and wild looks.

                                        They are very playful, outgoing and definitely curious. They grow to be quite big cats, the males are larger than the females and can weigh up to 20lb.

                                          A Savannah originates from a wild Afircan Serval and a domestic cat, the first generations are F1's in which case you will need a DWA licence





               Sire: Hotspots Exotics Kimondo Serval


                                   Dam: Selectexotics African Sunset F3


Savannahglam A Wild Dream F1





What a stunning little girl, she is co owned with Annette at Hampstead Bengals in London


Thank you Geoffrey and Jill for letting us have this beautiful little girl




Amira at 17 weeks old




Amira now at 1 year old and has given us a beautiful litter of 6 stunning F2 babies


  We hope to mate Amira again very soon





Stylisiticat Amazing Grace


(African Serval)

Here at 5 weeks old






Above # Gracie is our African female Serval



Savannahglam African Dream


Sire: Witch Doctor of Savannahglam x Dam: Abebi of Savannahglam

(African Serval)

D.O.B 04.03.2017

Above at 8 weeks old



Zambe is now 16 weeks old little boy African Serval

Zambe is a beautiful Serval who is the most loving sweetheart ever. He loves his bottles and his cuddles.