These are These are some of the fabulous studs we have had in our previous breeding programmes



 Elysor Rise and Shine  of Goldnglitz


D.O.B: 1/11/2016

PKDef and PRA NN

Sire : PantheraBengals Dark Illusion x Dam: Elysor Precious Gem


Thank you to Eleana for this lovely little boy who is such a sweetheart. He is pure for spots, carries Sepia and is APB/A

We hope to have some stunning kittens from him this year 2017



 Kiabindhi  Kazuki of Silverglitz


D.O.B 24.12.2015

PKDef and PRA NN

Sire : Kiabindhi Zebedee x Dam: Wildernesswell Azure Dreams



Kazuki is a silver charcoal we hope to use in our charcoal programme. He is a very loving a sweet boy



Wowbengals Coolbreeze of Goldnglitz 


D.O.B: 1/03/2014

PKDef and PRA NN

Sire: Callista What Else x Dam: Wild Beach Easy Breezy Beautiful



A stunning little boy to add to our program, he is a little love bug.






Breeze at 6 months enjoying a stroll around the garden





  Goldnglitz Black Knight 




D.O.B 13th May 2013


Sire: Blissnmore Jungle Printz   X  Dam: Goldnglitz Simply Unique

Black Knight is  co-owned with Annette from Hamstead Bengals





Romeo above at 1 years old


  Blissnmore Jungle Printz of Goldnglitz 



(Now retired)

D.O.B: 21.06.2012

PKDef and PRA NN

Sire: Zawadi Crackerjack x Dam: Aluren Ever so Special





Another stunning little boy from Tracey and Veronica

Printz has it all, lovely large rosettes, amazing coat, tiny ears and the most loving temperament you could ever wish for. Thank you so much for this little boy.

He has produced 2 stunning litters of kittens





  Goldnglitz Warrior of the Sun 


(now retired)

D.O.B: 5.12.2012

PKDef and PRA NN


Sire:  Goldnglitz Snowdrifter   X  Dam: Blissnmore Sweet Dream






This little boy we just had to keep from Sweetdream and Drifter. He has a super short coat and lovely large rosetting, he is a chunky boy who loves to get into mischief

Cheeto has now gone to his new home



Show Results






Congratulations to shadow for gaining Grand Champion status at his second show

Shadow got 1st BOC in all four rings, 1st BOD in all four rings,  3rd Best in Final,and  Best Bengal by judge Monika Dany and her comments were "  Very muscular boy, good profile and nice ears"

5th Best in 2nd final and 2nd best bengal by USA  judge Pamela Barrett whose comments were

 " Wow only 9 months old and he is huge. Beautiful eyes, nice contrast, wild look with good pattern. He is probably the best silver bengal i have ever seen"


Shadow has done it again he has just won the BCCG overall best silver spotted in 2 shows and has a wonderful trophy