Market Harbrough
Just a quick update with some photo’s.Alaska & Dakota got a little stressed for a short while in the car, buteventually settled down to their 2hour journey. Just occasional cries for their mummy!We brought them into the house at let them out of their transporter. We gave them access to just our living room and hallway until they get used to their surroundings (and cat litter tray!). I have to say, they settled in VERY quickly and spent a very excited hour exploring and playing! They both spent 5 minutes purring on the sofa with us, and they are now fast asleep sharing the “spoon” on the Cat Tree. Thank you VERY much for giving the opportunity to adopt two lovely kittens. As I’m off work for a couple of weeks, I may get around to creating awebsite for Alaska and Dakota. If I do, I will give you the link.We will give you a call later.Best wishes.