From never having a kitten just dogs and going head first for a Bengal….wouldn’t change a thing J He is our little man, markings are amazing he is beautiful with big green eyes awwww xx Our little Milo is fantastic he settled in within an hour of being with us, met our Cockpoo who is 18 months old 24 hours later, within 20 minutes they became best buddies and now inseparable.Couldn’t be happier. He is very vocal but so am I so I feel I have something to talk to when my hubby shuts off ha ! He sleeps in bed with us under the duvet, plays fetch and I am just learning him to sit when requesting a treat, may a lot easier because I think he is coping the dog ! He is very alert, very intelligent takes him about a day to learn something new. Milo truly is amazing and a credit to your hard work and understanding of the breed.I found you to be patience with all our questions, interested in us and what we had to offer Milo and the contact you gave when we first had him home, well we couldn’t have asked for anything more from you. We have now started to leave Milo in the day due to work, he has his own bedroom which is kitted out and I don’t think he could be happier, when we get in he follows us around chirping away for his dinner.He is a joy. Thank you so much Jayne, hope to stay in touch in the future.