As you know we unexpectedly lost our 11 year old Bengal Neo and we desperately wanted to find another Bengal boy with his own unique character as it was important to us that we shouldn’t replace Neo. Boy does Hugo have character and more! Having bonded equally with both myself and Nigel he is the most loving boy ever. It never ceases to amaze me how he is always very careful to spend equal time with both of us whether it is playing fetch or cuddling ………and he so loves to cuddle and rub noses with us. He purrs so much and so loudly, he is like a little Geiger counter! Hugo does have his little wicked moments, but that’s what makes him our Hugo. Not only does he have this lovely character but he looks gorgeous too – his silky brown fur with gorgeous markings, his white tummy and those oh so gorgeous eyes! We fell in love with him without hesitation. Jayne, you must have spent so much time with him to bring out his personality and having seen your set up I know this to be true. Meeting your other cats, including the Serval, was an experience too – all so friendly and happy and in a lovely set up adjacent to your house. Finally, your after support has been the best, I cannot thank you enough for all the advice you have offered me xx.