Hi Jayne We just wanted to let you know how wonderful our pair are. They run around the house like crazy and then crash out for a snooze. They have settled in well and have discovered every corner of our place, which now really feels like home with the two new little additions. All the visits we made to you were really helpful in getting to know them before they came home, including meeting the ‘bump’ before they were born. Thank you for opening your home to us for the visits and all your care and attention to us and them. We have looked back on the video’s you sent the day they were born and the pictures and video you sent as they grew, it is wonderful to be able to look back and see all the changes. Thank you for being so friendly and reliable and for your professional knowledge. We feel very confident about our kittens and know we can ask for advice any time. We will keep you updated with pictures as they grow. Lots of love from Massimo & Keemar. (charlies litter) I just wanted to say a massive thank you for my two beautiful little girls! Elsa and Bella. Elsa is the most loving and cuddly girl and Bella….. Well what can I say, perfect in every way, both of them are! I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting a Bengal! Your such a lovely person and take great pride in what you do and undoubtly love each and every one of your Bengals unconditionally. Elsa and Bella have settled into our family with no problems and love our other two Bengals Charlie and Ruby to bits. I am very much looking forward to them both becoming mummies in the near future. Bella is pictured in the middle – dark rosette, and Elsa pictured at the front – rosetted mink. My original boy Charlie wide awake at the back