Thank you for Honey and Flame ! We have had Honey for a year now and she is the most intelligent, individual,quirky cat i have ever known. Honey came to us as a 4 year old,and although nervous, she has settled in and made her home with us ! i urge people to consider taking on older cats and not just kittens !We would not be without Honey and decided to take on another adult bengal and again went to Jayne to get Flame who was originally friends with Honey while she lived with Jayne. Flame had a few medical issues early on and Jayne was very supportive and helpful and we spoke everyday, she even made a large unexpected contribution towards the vet fees to help get Flame well ! So a huge thank you for all your help and care Jayne !We have had Flame several weeks now and she is settling in really well with Honey! Flame is a lovely sweet gentle soul !I cannot recommend Jayne highly enough ! if you are looking for a bengal, and want to deal with a responsible breeder that really cares about her cats and doesn’t see them as just profit then go to Jayne ! all her animals are loved and extremely well cared for !