We took two male cats from the same litter (who we named Simba & Loki). Jayne was very knowledgeable and more than willing to answer any questions we had to make sure we made the best decision for our family. When COVID-19 lockdown happened we could no longer visit them until they were old enough to leave the mother. Jayne allowed us to watch them grow by sending us lots of videos and pictures which we really appreciated. On their second day of arriving to our house there were already itching to get out of the room and integrate with the house.   Since arriving Simba and Loki have been very social and loving.  You can see that they were very well socialized and this was down to Jayne. Both cats are loving and affectionate and love our kids.  They have fitted into our family perfectly.  Before arriving to our house both cats were toilet trained and we have no accidents since.   Even after taking the cats home, Jayne kept in touch and to make sure the kittens were ok,  you can tell she really cares.