I just wanted to say thank you very much for our gorgeous Lily! She is doing so well and although she used to be an indoors cat, she is loving the garden so much that she would stay out all day if she could! We were a little worried for her to start with as being she almost 3 years old we thought she would be very weary, however it took her only a couple of days to adjust and set on to investigate every tiny corner of the house to follow by every corner of the garden the following week. After only 4 weeks she is now confident around the house even when friends come along and we will soon let her use the cat flap (which she insist on using every day but it is US who are not ready yet…) She even knows she has got to wear her collar to go out! Lily is the most inquisitive and intelligent of girls plus a real beauty – my “Leopardita” (little leopard) as I also like to call her. From the moment I met you I was reassured by your love, care and attention towards your cats and what you do and I truly believe a little piece of you leaves with every Bengal that goes to a new home; this is probably why we are still in touch talking about Lily and I am sure we will always be from time to time. You have been of great help with every little query we had and I know we can count on you and your advise at any time. Thank you ever so much.