17th December 2017
She is such clever cat it’s unreal, she is happy and healthy and loves our home. She has he own bedroom to go in, when she has had enough she disappears up the stairs. She’s just amazing, still so playful, and has just about scratched everything in the house ha ha. She is perfect and her and Scarlett are inseparable Narla hates it when she screams she goes over and licks her head!. Narla tries to go to bed with Scarlett, Narla is the boss of the house over my Doberman. I was worried for a while they wouldn’t get on but they are so good together. Thank you so much she is just a perfect addition to our family. She is now 1 years old but still acts like a 6 month old lol. Heaven lemons, Jayne, thank you so much for my adorable kitten, and all the hard work you put into him! He has a beautiful confident and cool character, and has different calls he makes to me depending on his mood. Poppy and Tazumi shine through him like the gold in his pelt! Thank you for all your support and advice as this is my first Bengal cat, including the videos you sent through. Jamie Clark , Leeds.30/12/2018 Poppy x Tsumi Thank you so much for welcoming me to thee Bengal family it was such a lovely experience seeing all your beautiful cats and getting to play with your cute kittens. Aslan has settled in his new home amazingly and he is so confident and loving. You’ve done a brilliant job with them all. Thank you again. Jo, Nottingham 16th December 2017. (Zara’s litter) After losing our bengal we looked for a reputable breeder and came across Goldnglitz. When we visited to view a little brown rosette girl, we was first taken to view the whole set up which was overwhelming, totally amazing. Having our little Lola for 8 months we decided to go back as she is perfect, we’ve had our little boy for a week now and they are both so loving and friendly. Can’t fault all the contact we have had with Jayne, they are both absolutely amazing ?? xx