North Hampshire
Jayne was recommended to me by another breeder in my area, as I was looking for a silver girl as a pet. Although I didn’t realise initially, I was already following Jayne as a reputable breeder on social media.  From the very first contact it was very clear to me just how much Jayne loves her cats. Very reassuring when trying to navigate the minefield of breeders and distinguish those just wanting to make money and those who are completely invested in producing quality, healthy kittens. Jayne supplied lots of wonderful photos and videos of the available kittens and we chatted about markings, character, health screening and many other relevant things and I just fell in love with “red collar”, who would soon be named Luna. Even though Jayne lived a couple of hours away by car, I felt it was absolutely worth travelling the distance for the right kitten and this totally felt right. I made an appointment to go and meet Jayne and to view our potential new addition. Meeting Jayne in person offered further reassurance as she was so warm and welcoming and immediately asked us if we wanted to go and see her cattery. We got to meet all of her breeding cats (including both parents for our kitten) and it was wonderful to see their environment with lots of space, toys and even their own pool! We also got to meet some extra special cats – a savannah girl and the amazing servals! Jayne’s breeding cats were very sociable towards us and it was fantastic to hear how each gets a regular turn in her home too. Again all very reassuring. We then spent time in the nursery with the babies and finally got to meet our new baby Luna and she was exactly as we had hoped and imagined. We went through all of the official parts, signing the contract and agreeing our part as new owners.After a few hours and lots of fantastic advice from Jayne about settling in we set off for home with our new baby. Jayne checked in with us every day for at least the first month and several times a day in the first week and we are still in touch now, many months later. She was and still is always on hand to offer help and guidance and I cannot stress enough the value of this. I would go to Jayne again in a heartbeat for another kitten and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a truly outstanding breeder. Jayne is everything you would wish for in a breeder and so much more!