Well it has been about 6 weeks now since I picked up my 2 new additions to the family and it has certainly been an experience! They are such playful and loving little beasts that I can’t thank you enough for socialising them so well. Crazy would be the first word that I would use to describe them, but that really is half the fun, and I cant imagine life without them now. I am genuinely impressed with how smart and athletic they area already! They are turning into 2 of the most beautiful little cats I have ever known with really distinct personalities and, my favourite of all, they are like best friends. Massive thanks for introducing them before they came to me. It definitely made the transition so much easier for them, and for me, and I know it took extra time out of your day so it is much appreciated. Thanks as well for all the video updates when they were tiny, they really added to the excitement! I called the snow mink boy ‘Spider’ and the brown rosetted boy ‘Maasai’ and believe me they have become a constant topic of conversation. I actually think that most of my friends come to see the kittens now and I simply provide refreshments! Several friends and family are now considering becoming bengal owners at some point in the future and I wouldn’t consider recommending any other breeder. Thank you so much for all your advice, information and constant reassurance. It is great to know that you are still always at the other side of the phone if anything is concerning me with them. They obviously had a wonderful time while they were with you and I can tell you they have settled into their new home brilliantly. In actual fact they are probably running the show now! I can’t wait to see how they continue to grow and I will keep you updated on their progress.