Just wanted to say I would not buy a Bengal from anywhere else. But be warned they are so delightful, you may find you end up with more than one. I have gained 8 Bengal’s over the last 14 or so years, they range from 14 years old down to just over two. Five of<-->


Hi Jayne here is some pics of Tai Shan, he is doing really well, we all love him to bits. He has such a wonderful nature and loves to have plenty of hugs and cuddles.


Just got our third beautiful Bengal from Jane. A very special baby boy from Lottie. He is a real stunner. Such a sweet boy, just what our older one needed. As always a pleasure to be at the cattery amongst the gorgeous Siverglitz team. Can’t wait to return in<-->


I have now bought two Bengals from Silverglitz Bengals. Both of my kittens have been absolutely stunning with the most gentle, confident, playful and loving temperaments. Jayne is a wonderful breeder, who takes the time to make sure your kitten is a good match<-->

1st January 2023

Fallen in love with my first Bengal kitten. So happy to have discovered this experienced and professional Bengal breeder. Healthy, sociable cats all well cared for and loved. Jayne introduced us to the parents of my little kitten which were also sociable and<-->

Charley Harrington
October 21

I got my beautiful bengal, Willow 5 months ago. I fell in love with bengals a few years a go through a good friend. My beautiful bengal, willow --->

Kirsty Guyan
October 21

Hey Jayne, Getting home from work now is such worthwhile, Sasky is waiting around for belly rubs. I spotted Jayne was rehoming one of her --->

Sue Dickinson
November 21

Just to let you know how silver belle is doing, it is 3 weeks today she came to live with me, at first she was a bit wary of everything and --->

January 22

I recently became the new human mum to two Silverglitz bengal kittens. They are the most loving, playful babies who settled in with us extremely --->

Not Known
16th January 22

Hi Jayne I am writing to say that Maya is Absolutely brilliant. She runs around the house playing confidently with Arya and gives us a lot of --->

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